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Double Open-width

  • FDO Double Open-width Knitting Machine
FDO Double Open-width Knitting Machine

FDO Double Open-width Knitting Machine

  • Product description: Technical SpecificationsModelCylinder DiameterGaugeFeeder NumberFDO26”~52”16G~4


Technical Specifications


Cylinder Diameter


Feeder Number






Top and bottom gears are designed to be immersed in lubricants in order to abate the noise, reduce wear, improve accuracy and enhance durability.

The no-crease open-width system: The machine adopts the latest winder system and is equipped with the roller shifting device to ensure the uniform stitch density of fabric. The operation is easy and convenient. It effectively removes creases in cloth caused by common winders, and makes it suitable for double air layer fabric material of chemical fibers and cotton, such as the high quality nylon, polyester and filament.

Dual dedusting system of cylinder: The upper needle dial and lower cylinder of the machine are designed to be equipped with dedusting fans which clean cotton dust more effectively, which avoids the needle breakage and improves the quality of cloth.

Employing newly designed machine frame, the dial cam box base and the bush sleeve move synchronously, which makes the adjustment of needle deviation and space simply and accurately.


Unique drive system with specially designed dual tracks reduces wear and makes the machine run more smoothly with less barre marks.


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